36: Gcode unused words

Still working my way through this, slowly. I have created a G code file through Repetier. Sent the file to the SD card. When I run the G code the machine moves in both X and Y directions, very quickly, then stops. I get a Error 36. I have looked it up (Alarm and Error Codes | Wiki.js)only to find the error code but not what is causing it. Any help would be appreciated.

Equipment; MPCNC, Jackpot controller, FluidNC, Repetier software for G code conversion.

Did you start with the test crown?

We do not typically use repetier to make any gcode at all, you will need to be very careful using that.


Thanks for your reply. However, now I am more confused than ever. If not Repetier, than Is Estlcam the only other option? I have read through the Jackpot documentation and saw the Estlcam setup not aware that perhaps this is the only option. However, the software workflow document tells me I can use Repetier. Is there a document that would be specific to my components?

You are looking for CAM software.

I highly suggest you start with ESTLCAM you can use the free option as long as you would like. From there, the learning curve is significantly higher, and you can use just about any CAM program you want that can export GRBL compatible Gcode. ESTLCAM just happens to do 98% of what everyone needs with these machines and is as simple as CAM gets.

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When I started I remember being super confused by this. I just wanted this thing on the screen cut out. While the steps are relatively simple, there are many fine details that accompany the different steps or tasks. It is important to separate out the tasks you are trying to accomplish. Designing the part is CAD. Creating gcode is CAM. Sending gcode to the machine is a sender program. Some senders try to do cam and some cam programs try to send. Other programs try to do it all. Just because estlcam can send doesn’t mean it has to be the sender. Some cncs read gcode directly from an SD card and don’t need a sender (like the ones running marlin). The list of software options below is not complete, but categorizes some of the ones that are out there.

Cad - fusion 360, nx, soludworks, SketchUp. Tinkercad, freecad, (not an exhaustive list), or even inkscape or coreldraw for svg generation.

Cad+ cam: fusion, freecad, blender, inkscape, kiri:moto

Cam - estlcam, carbide create

Cam +sender: estlcam, lightburn, carbide create

Sender - cncjs. repetier, fluidnc,

All in one: light burn for laser and soon, millmage.

Some software packages try to do more than just one thing and are not compatible with all the versions of CNC firmware, so they don’t work well in all instances. Ask 5 people around here how they run their workflow and the answers will vary based on design experience and what they are making. For a year I did everything in inkscape except send… Then I tried estlcam and immediately stopped that madness. You may need to try a few things to see what you like or can tolerate, or you can go with the recommended tools.

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This is a great place to learn! I still refer to it!

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Basically the reason you are getting that error is that Repetier Host doesn’t make Grbl friendly G-code. That document you referred to is for the older workflow that was using Repetier Host creating G-Code for a Marlin Firmware based controller board. The new Jackpot controller runs FluidNC, which, at the core, is Grbl based. While G-code is generally similar, Marlin used A LOT of commands that Grbl doesn’t understand, and you get that error.