32 bit boards

Has anyone started playing with 32 bit printer boards yet? Probably not really necessary in terms of speed, but they do have some nice features.



As of right now I don’t think they have any different features in terms of Marlin. We have had a few pass through and I will be selling some more Archim 1’s this week.

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I have been doing a lot of control board research and I’m more confused the more I do. I would love to get a Rambo, but have a Ramps budget. Just when I thought I understood picking a ramps board ( ie mostly not direct from China and probably not the cheapest one) I discovered ramps 1.5 and higher and then a whole group of boards, (including 32 bit boards) that often say they combine ramps and arduino in a single board, the cadilac of which seems to be the rambo/archim board Ryan sells. I searched 32 bit 3d printer board an found this


So what I can’t figure out is how you can tell which will run Ryan’s MPCNC firmware.

Will RAMPS 1.5 boards work?

Will anything that will run Marlin work?

Ryan’s firmware is Marlin, configured for ramps or rambo or mini rambo. Other boards will work for the mpcnc, but you’ll need to configure Marlin (which mostly isn’t too hard).

Boards that are ramps compatible or whatever they call it, will probably work with his firmware. Ramps 1.5 or the integrated boards.

The controller boards that are ramps compatible and built as one piece are usually 328p arduinos (like the arduino mega), which aren’t 32 bit.

If you specifically want dual endstops, then you’ve got to find one with 5 drivers.

When comparing the price of boards, don’t forget the cost of everything, the arduino, the ramps board, and the drivers. The rambo has it all in one and they are all high quality. It’s also very durable, and I destroyed my first ramps and my first arduino, FWIW.