25.4mm SS Benefits over 3/4" EMT

So I’m at the point where I have played enough with the original MPCNC that I’m looking to maybe perform an upgrade. I am wondering what benefits the 1" (25.4mm parts) Stainless Steel option has over the original 3/4" EMT version other than looks? Is it more rigid? Does it perform better overall?

And then my second question is at what point do I just hold off for a little bit and wait for Ryan to come out with his MPCNC upgrades (question aimed at Ryan obviously ;P)

It is not a huge upgrade. It is just a bit better.

No updates near enough to completion to talk about. I do try to give warning when there is…It backfired on the LowRider but I still like to give some notice.

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For what it is worth, I went with the 25.4mm stainless steel and if I had to do it again (I will soon) I will definitely do it the same.


Not just the looks, but I have done 1m x 1m MPCNC and it is rock solid and super smooth and everything just glides like it was on ice. Definitely not a large outlay for something that I suspect will wear long term better than EMT (which we do not use here but I assume is galvanized?)

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It is galvanized in Canada (and the USA as far as I know).