24v Heated Bed Source

Correct me if I am mistaken but does the old MP3DP and the new one use a heated bed dimension of 220x220m?

If so, I am trying to find a 24v version but having no luck other than direct from the China store.

Sorry for another post about the bed but the other threads didn’t net me what I was looking for.

With modification to the Y bed mount/carriage can either take a 235x235mm ?

You can scale everything as far as I understood it. So it should be possible.

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yep, I am just going to a readily available ender bed. the 220 x 220 is hard to find and have it within the week. Unless I am just not looking in the right place :slight_smile:

I think you could fit a 235mm bed… I built my MP3DPv4 printer with a 250mm cube area using 300mm Y/Z rails and a 350mm X rail, but mostly because those were easier to buy. I intended to use a 235mm bed, but ended uo getting the 220mm one from China anyway