24"x24" MPCNC Build with Vertical Flip-up Table - Georgia

Thank you Ryan for making this possible. I purchased from v1enginneering the complete MPCNC bundle with the Rambo 1.4a and LCD screen, then later purchased the LowRider2 CNC Printed Parts 25.4mm-1 and MP3DP -V2- Printed Parts, at some point will build the rest. The challenges now are learning the toolchain and designing my own projects. I have made several cuts beyond the crown test and I’m very pleased with the results. I had created a temporary build table but needed something permanent that would also store out of the way when not in use (pics below).

Still have much to do with routing wires, vacuum connections, laptop compartment.

I will report more as the table is further enhanced and more “dirty” cuts are made.


Renders and the real thing!!! Love it.
That pretty much counts as getting it dirty, welcome to the Crew!

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Nice idea! Saves a lot of space in between. And when you want to clean up the table after milling… just flip it upright. :smiley:

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Well, the idea came from a guy in Russia who built one similar. My version was simply beefing up the table top, leg supports and adding a pivoting axle mount to support the heavier table top in the horizontal and the vertical position. As for clean up I guess flipping it upright would get the job done but maybe just relocate the mess;) I’m working on the building plans for this table to share. I’ll be placing them here when done.

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So, can you cut in the vertical orientation? That would really help with the chip-clearing!

#notamaslow :clown_face:


I’m sure you can, but to what extent of the quality of the cut and the safety concerns I do not know. I would refer to Ryan as he can give you an engineering answer to that question. My building this flip-up table was to manage my space better, and it has done wonders. I’m building another table, for the Lowrider 2, but slightly longer at 7’ which will give me 6" headroom when tilted up. I will be using counter weights to aid in the lifting on this next table.

I took a hard look at that as it would take up less space, but Ryan had a solid design with great following. I just needed to figure out my space dilemma, which I did finally.

Hey Mike. Du you have any measurements on the table? I am consitering building one like yours:-)mabye even a drawing?

Regards Simon

Hello Simon and welcome! As you can see from my early posting that I do have some pictures of the flip-up table and I have completed my Lowrider2 table. I built 6 of these tables for friends as they work nicely in garages shared with vehicles. Given your interest, and my past promise, I will work on an outline with some dimensions and other specs to assist with anyone wanting to build one, or one like it.

Hello Mike
I really like the design of your table.
It’s unique, multi-purpose, and it takes up little space. Awesome
I’m not good at woodworking, and I’d like to make one. Are you considering sharing or selling the plans?