23.5mm Version ausversehen gedruckt

Hallo zusammen,

ich hoffe hier kann mir evtl. jemand helfen. Ich habe dummerweise die MPCNC Primo in 23.5mm Version gedruckt und erst jetzt gemerkt ,dass das wohl hier in deutschland ein ziemlich unübliches Maß ist. Hat irgendjemand einen Tip wo ich passende Rohre finden könnte ?

Vielen Dank schon mal.

Hello everybody,

I hope someone can help me here. Unfortunately, I printed the MPCNC Primo in a 23.5mm version and only now noticed that this is a rather unusual size here in Germany. Does anyone have any advice on where I can find suitable pipes?

Thanks in advance.

Those are sized oddly in north america too, but we have conduit (used in construction) sized to hold 3/4" of wires. The inside diameter is 19mm, and the outside is 23.5mm.

Unless you import that for some strange reason, I think you are going to be out of luck.

The 23.5mm was the original size. Then europe asked for a different size, which is where 25mm came from. Then some people couldn’t find either of those, and 25.4mm (1" outside diameter) was different enough and available in north america so that was added.

My guess is you need to find something between 23.3 and 23.7mm approx. Pipes are defined by their inside diameter, so you might get lucky. Tubes are defined by their outside diameter.

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Hat jemand Erfahrungen mit Carbon-Rohren als Führungsschienen ?

Does anyone have experience with carbon tubes as guide rails?

The common thought is that the bearings will cause them to delaminate. Your mileage may vary.

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Would you be so kind an send me a link to the preferred Tubes/Pipes at Home depot ?

It is strange. I think Home Depot has deals with regional suppliers for things like dimensional lumber and I think it is the same with conduit. All three hardware stores I checked locally had the same brand, but when I asked on the forums, people from other states had a different brand at their hardware stores.

This is the link, but I am not sure what you will get if you ordered this from different places:


Again, this is the the C version, 23.5mm OD.

Thank you very much. But i think the risk of getting something wrong is to high for me.

Ich werde es jetzt mal mit 24mm Rohren versuchen, die bekomme ich sehr günstig mit 4mm Wandstärke was wohl mehr als ausreichend sein sollte.

Ich werde mir erst mal ein kurzes Teststück besorgen und dann berichten wie/ob es funktioniert.

I will now try it with 24mm pipes, which I get very cheap with 4mm wall thickness, which should be more than sufficient.

I will first get a short test piece and then report how / whether it works.

Hallo Zusammen,

ich habe auch versehentlich in 23,5 mm gedruckt. Glücklicherweise hat der Toom Baumarkt genau diese Rohre in Edelstahl :+1:
1 Meter kostet etwa 6,99 € und 2,5 Meter kosten etwa 15,99 €.


hat das funktioniert mit den Rohren vom Toom Baumarkt ?

Leider finde ich im Toom Baumarkt nichts Online habt ihr das nur im Laden gefunden ?