22oz "Bomber" beer carrier prototype

This weekends project, a carrier for 4-22oz beer bottles. A relative sent me a photo of a simple boxy one and asked if I could make it on my cnc. While I could’ve just done a simple one I wanted to do something with shapes that you couldn’t make without the cnc. This is just the rough prototype and is just pressure fit right now with no sanding or finishing.


That’s awesome! You designed the holder? Looks great.

I’m sure whatever finish you put on it will look great but I really am digging the look of the unfinished ply with the knuckles.

Yes, I fully designed it in fusion360. I might hold onto this first one since it is functional even though it’s not the best material. I’ll either get some baltic birch or solid wood for the guy who requested it.

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Oh man, the knuckles are a nice touch! Might need to make this out of steel…


Make it with break-away tabs… In case someone makes a move on your suds… :beers:


Version 2.0 should have hinged bottle holders that collapse up so that it can fit flat into a backpack. That way you can take it to events for carrying drinks back to the group!


Plus a hex shaped version setup for the 12oz bottles… :slight_smile:

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Could you fit one of those wall mounted bottle openers under the knucks?


Nice job. Can’t wait to see the final version, but this is cool. And I agree keep it and cherish it.

That would be on brand for me, I’ll be making a 12oz six pack holder soon for a gift might try it.

I’ve got one around somewhere, I’ll have to try it.

Love the “brass knuckles” look