$20 scrapyard lowrider

Sorry ahead for the typos, Just thought id post this 24" lowrider completly built fram scrap laying around the house, and old laser cutters from work. Basically al i have in this out of pocket was the the router snd it was the xz plates i bought off v1 engineering. This thing works amazing. Its uglier then hell i nicknamed it frankinrider. I always see allot of threads not particularly from this forum but the biggest reason people dont get into the hobby or whateber u prefer calling it is becauae of money. Times are rough trust me i get it, but thanks to Ryan and this design, it can be very affordable if u got the resources and the talent to deliver. My neighbor has autism, he gets bored and always wants to come by and check out what im doimg or building… hes in love with my machine but he dont have the means to get something like this. I myself dont got a whole lotof spare cash laying around either but i put what i had to use and built this and will be giving it to my neighbor next time i see him. Just thought I’d share a picture of it and show proof u can build these dirt cheap


That’s awesome! Definitely in the spirit of V1Engineering. You have a very lucky neighbor.


Very nicely done. Real can do attitude

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Well done, sir!

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Sometimes you just have to love uglier than hell machines…

Congratulations on a low-budget build.

Now lets see your neighbor cutting some parts!


Thanks Doug, i been watching allot of your content. U got the rollsroyce lowrider. I like

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Love the Frankerider! Repurposing is awesome. Looks like a winner!

No, that’s @bitingmidge’s. Doug might come in a close second though. :smile:

P.S.: frogs are cool. :yum:

Yes, Peter’s ( @bitingmidge’s ) is like a gold plated Rolls-Royce. Mine is more like a nice Ford Bronco or something.