2.5D project, TFT35 E3 Case?

Still working out the details, but I started with creating a .DXF file from the released TFT35 E3 case, just tracing outlines

This will be somewhat more complicated than the one for the 12864 controller, because the left and right sides are a little different from mirrored with the SD card hole. One side has the indentation for the LCD screen at a slightly different level, so I’ll need to make some adjustments for that.
TFT35E3Right.zip (14.4 KB)

I added cutouts for the ESP01S wifi module (Since that was what I was originally dealing with the file in order to do) which can of course be ignored if you don’t have/want it.

Not sure how much progress I’m going to make in this in the next little while, but I’ve wanted to give this a try since Ryan released the V1 of this. (This is based on the version 2.)

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