2.5” Build height conduit question.

Hi everyone. First post. So I chose a build z axis height of 2.5” for rigidity sake and that most bits aren’t that long anyway. Question is, when I type in 2.5” in the parametric conduit calculator I get leg lengths of two inches. Can I assume then that they won’t be full depth when inserted into the feet and upper x or y axis mount? I hope that made sense. See pictures. I feel like I should add more length so that the conduit runs to the bottom of the foot and completely engages the gold portion. Thoughts?

Thanks again for all you hard work on this stuff! Very well designed!

And maybe it doesn’t matter. It really isn’t going to go anywhere. I just don’t see anybody’s being this short and touching.

You should cut the legs to the full length of the foot plus the lock.

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Thanks Ryan!