150psi Pipe from Lowes

I thought I would use the 150psi galvanized pipe from Lowes since it is really thick, it was labelled 1" but I discovered it is actually about 1.05". I printed out the 25.4 pieces and they are too small, the pipe doesn’t fit. I can sand down some areas but the lock corner is a bit of a chore. Any ideas on how to modify the file so I can print out for 27mm pipe?

I use a XYZ AiO for printing out parts.

You have to get the right sized tubing.

Bummer to hear that. Bet you felt like this guy:


Since you already printed the 25.4, see if you can locate a local metal shop and get some stainless. I paid about $40 locally for stainless for enough to do a 18"x24"x4" working volume (I needed just a few inches short of 20’).

I just got some a few days ago for $41 as well.

That’s only a 5% difference in diameter. Do you know anyone with a lathe big enough to pass 1.05" through the headstock? Would be a quick fix to turn the ends to 1" to fit your parts.

They’d have to run the whole tube through, the bearings are going to not run nice on that diameter either.

Just to reinforce this, when I was looking into this stuff initially the material you got did not seem anywhere as rigid as the plain old conduit, and stainless is the only thing I have found to be better.