12" Batman Clock

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Batman Clock cut on the MPCNC - DXF file included

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batmanclock2.zip (106 KB)

Zip works best. Here is your video, to embed it just drop the youtube share link. I fixed your last post but you must have deleted it as I was doing it.

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Thank you Ryan. Ya, I dont have .zip software. Only .rar Ill edit and retry

What weird OS are you running?

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I have winrar installed. Didn’t have the

option to zip. Installed WinZip. Problem solved

If you’re running windows, just right click on a file and hit send too, compressed folder. Makes a zip file.

Looks awesome, good job.

Really nice, love seeing all the tool changes.


That’s awesome. Also the tool changing process is very smooth. Impressive

Using Estlcam makes bit changes so much easier. If you haven’t switched to Estlcam by now, you don’t know what you’re missing. :slight_smile:

Awesome clock! I sure need to get some chips flying and I know I will need to get that bit change figured out. Very nice!