1 year

It’s been a year, how old is your machine?

Thanks Ryan for all your work and the help you provide. My machine is nearly 6 months old and I have used it to create a large welcome sing for my wife to a small plaque for my brother. I have a JTech laser that I have barely started using and a friend made a 4th axis to laser etch dowels he uses for his drum mallet business. I recently bought an extruder from this site and have started to get it dialed in to use. THIS SITE IS AWESOME!!


I am a lil burnt out so I have been playing with CAD and dedicating 1 printer to pooping out prototypes for at least a few more days.

I really need to get the website a lil more organized and update some of the info, a FAQ’s page (how big can it be, I want endstops, How about a MAC, ect.) I burnt myself out trying to optimize the site to make it load faster, man that is a crappy job…So I will update things another day. I just know the more organized the site the less time I/we will spend answering questions and making things easier for everyone involved. I think I need to restructure the forums as well, and figure out the dang breadcrumbs in the forums…

Sorry done ranting. Just proud and want things to be as good as possible.

Thanks to you for all your help and for being active here!

Everyone appreciates all the long hours and hard work you have and continue to put in to this project!

^ we do indeed.

I have been stalking for 5 months or so? I was about to buy a cheap DIY 3d printer kit when I ran across this. Decided I wanted to go this route and was excited about all the different possibilities. Been waiting for the Tax return and got hit with identity verification the other day, so in about 3-6 weeks hopefully I will be able to order.

Congrats to Vicious and the MPCNC for one full year! I’ve built three of these now; the oldest has been running about two months and is still going strong. To anyone considering one of these, the end result is just the icing on the cake. The real fun is in the build. I looked at several other options out there and even built a small CNC machine about 10 years ago; but nothing compares to this one in terms of the simplicity, elegance and the support community.

Thanks for the good times!

Thanks, lets take it easy on the compliments you all are making me blush.

Right on!

Taxes didn’t work out so well for me this year…feels like small business owners get the short end of the stick. So hard to hand over such a large percentage of the small profit…I’ll wait to increase the price until after you get yours.

Don’t be modest… You also recruited and trained a whole gaggle of young geniuses! Thank you sir.

Happy anniversary Ryan, well done.

I started with this project in July last year, and completed the build around late September 2015.

So the first build is about 6 months old, still love it.


Thanks, and cheers…a cold one sounds great!

I just got something delivered by UPS!!! Apparently I can’t say anything yet, but big news soon!

But you just said something…all my finger nails are gone now…what is it…what is it…lol.


Congrats Ryan!

I started printing mine only a few short months ago. It’s a great design, fun to build, and fun to use. Thanks to all you hard work making this possible, and I wish you continued success in year 2!!


Currently mine is still negative age since I have yet to start on mine, but soon… soon…
Although since I am planning on using the Smoothie Board that I got a while back, my MPCNC’s brain is technically older than the MPCNC itself!

My machine has only been almost operational (the extruder issues) for a few weeks, but I feel like it is going to be awesome when I have everything dialed in and put a plasma cutter on it this summer.

Can’t wait for an updated version!

You have put so much time, money, and effort into this machine and it really seems to be paying off (at least for the community around it). Without this website, the build would have been a great deal more difficult. I know documentation is the worst part of the job, but it is so helpful for new users or even experienced ones that need a refresher. If there was a good step by step guide to everything with pictures/video it would be awesome. I know there is already one in place, but it was lacking in a couple areas such as setting up the belts.

Thanks guys.

Printer is almost done. I finally got a change to use my mpcnc as a mill again. This thing rocks and its more accurate than the printed parts I think. Does my opinion count about my own machine? Full depth, downcut endmill, no splintered edges, I didn’t even clamp the board down I held it by hand, 15mm/s and I could easily go faster.

I cut this piece in like 3 minutes and have to re-adjust the design to take out the tolerances I designed in.

Looking good!

Is that 3 Ply? You cut that in a single depth cut, wow!

Very nice work.

Cutting one in just a minute, I’ll put up a video.