1 Stepper or 2 Steppers?

I’m curious if anybody are using dual steppers?
In configuration_adv.h

Since I have a Ramps 1.4 board fully populated with drivers I’m considering using 1 stepper per motor.

A bit more work involved in more voltage to adjust but when added dual endstops each motor on an axis can home and offset be set with M666 command (M666 X Y Z)

Each motor connect directly to a single stepper (ie no wire harness)

Now we only have 1 motor on Z so that is of course not needed.

I’m using a ramps 1.4 with one driver per stepper, but without endstops. I did it because I liked the idea of not wiring in series, and having a stepper per driver.

All working well so far.

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Cool, Ill configure the firmware so I enable dual drivers but not the endstops.
(until I get the wires I need)

All the dual endstop versions are using one driver per motor. Very well tested. You could safely use the preconfigured dual endstop firmware, and just never home the machine (if you did home, it would just stop, because the endstops would seem triggered).

Thank you Jeffeb3, I have been compairing the configs in WinMerge so I see what is changed. For now I have dual endstop firmware loaded and driving around the the machine without doing anything :slight_smile:
I think I sourced some flimsy FKUX cables I can use for the endstops Then I can move on.