1/8” BOM wall thickness performance

Hi Everyone!

I am new to MPCNC and hoping to get some advice. My local metal supplier can sell me 1” od, 1/8” wall thickness BOM for $4.60/ft. 3/4” conduit runs around $1/ft but the wall thickness is very thin, especially for my needs. What kind of performance would I expect on a machine with a working area of 24” by 24” using the bom? If I went up to a machine 30” by 24” would that severely degrade performance? Any advice experience is most appreciated.

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DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel)?

I use .065" DOM steel and get good performance. My machine js 25×37" work area. I do get some chatter in the middle of the 37" span, so I will be reducing that span, when I get around to rebuilding it, now that I have the LowRider for larger projects.

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Yes I mean DOM - Sounds impressive