1.5kw spindel and laser

Hi from Sweden.

2 questions for my Lowrider cnc

  1. 1.5kw spindel with vdf, ok to use and have someone pictures so i can see please?

  2. About good laser, pictures and link If someone have? For text and cut thinner materials. 3mm??? Any idea

Thanks :heart::heart::heart:

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Excellent. Big thanks for this information :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Good to see it works well. I have a 6040 CNC with a 1.5KW spindle and I was thinking of Upgrading that to a more rigid spindle and then reusing the older spindle for a LowRider2.

Are you manually controlling the Spindle with the VFD or are you using a controller with a 0-10V control signal? (controller you are using if that is the case? thanks :slight_smile: )

Hi Andrew

I Will use vdf so i have Controll, and also an Steel cabinet(400x500mm) and put all electronic inside. Also 2pcs 230v to 24v/12v din rails.


Sorry, What I meant was how the VFD was being controller. Most VFDs will have a manual control on them as well as a 0-10V input that can be controlled by the control board running the CNC. That way you can setup variable RPMs in your CAM (IE different RPMs for roughing vs finishing passes in the same Cam operation)

I’m not 100% sure but I dont believe most of the controllers used for MPCNC support that as they are chosen to be cheap/work with a manual Router (Maybe i’m just not reading the spec sheets correctly, left me know if i’m wrong) .

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