1:18 drag front wheel

Still doing the rears. Im working on a 5 hole version as well. This is for an upcoming hot wheels custom competition.


That is slick! :wink: I’d like to see details when you’re done with your build and open to sharing your secret sauce. Good luck in the competition! I didn’t know that was a thing. :grin:

Looks sweet, what’s the size on that? (I understand it’s 1:18 scale but I have no idea how big a drag wheel is)

This wheel is 1" in diameter.

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Mattel does 2 conventions a year. We just got done with the east coast one 2 weeks ago. I compete in the pro classes with ex mattel designers.

I’ve trophied in every class except large scale, which is 1:43 and up.

This was my 1st place winner this year in 1:64 traditional hot wheels scale.


Wow! That is awesome work! I imagine you could make some pretty good money making custom cars. Are you using decals or are you hand painting/airbrushing them?

These are water slide decal.

I’ve made quite a bit over the years, but I only do it for competitions now.

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That is extremely impressive, both what your cnc can do and what you can do. Keep up the amazing work and keep posting pictures I can drool over :slight_smile:


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I just finished the 5 holes. The text doesn’t always turn out the best when you’re painting them. It looks great bare metal but that isn’t the look I want. Is what it is at this scale. Lol.



Finished up the test rear wheel. Have to tweak a few things.

I was originally going to try to machine the beadlock ring, but I think it would be more trouble than its worth. I’ll just 3d print it instead.