0.6mm nozzle settings

Got myself some fluorescent green and a 0.6mm nozzle. First print with this nozzle and settings. Some show and tell to inform others. Ender 3 with a Swiss micro all metal clone.

Print feels very solid and strong. 41grams, 13.64m


Layer height: 0.4mm
Line width: 1.0mm (no type, 1.0mm)
Perimeters: 2mm
Top/Bottom: 2mm
Infill: 50%
Speed: 50mm/s

Time to print: 1h30m

Holes have to be drilled a little bit.


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Short update:


only the bigger parts are suitable to be printed with these settings, the smaller parts are better printed at normal 0.4mm nozzle settings. The difference in print time with smaller parts also doesn’t get you a much shorter print time.

And then you open up your second roll of fluorescent green from the same brand with the same article number and it is a completely different color and needs different print settings, see picture. And the shop ignores your complaints. Time to find another supplier.


Wow I have seen differences in color before but that is pretty drastic.