Z stop not homing properly

I’m in process of building lovrider v3, i purchase my board, touchscreen and controllers from v1engineering website and it came preliaded with software. O installed everything but one of my z-stops would not trigger motor to stop when Intried to do homing. I replaced switch, checked wiring, i installed 1.5k reaistor and I still have same issue. anyone was going thru the same problems, any suggestion how to fix it? thanks

Does the LED on the board switch on and off when you manually trigger the endstop?

This was only used on a very small run of the very initial boards, and not needed for anything that is V1.2 or higher. If you have a 1.2 or higher release, please remove the resistor.

This was only required for some of the SKR Pro 1.2 boards, but it sounds like you may have the switches wired incorrectly.

First, the end stop switch must be wired between the ground and the signal pin on the motherboard. The Jackpot boards only have the 2 pins, so that makes it simple there, but the Marlin boards (SKR Pro, RAMBo, etc) boards will have 3 and the +5V pin should not be used. Jackpot boards should not have this problem, so far as I know. Of course Ryan will know for sure.

Second, make sure that you have trhe switch wired “normally closed” – this means that under normal (not homed) circumstances the switch conducts between the 2 used contacts. The microswitches that I have seen all have these as the outer 2 contacts, and the middle contact is left unattached. These should be labelled as “C” and “NC” with the “NO” left unused.

Pictures of things helps us diagnose problems.

Once you’re sure that things are wired correctly, using the Gcode M119 from a USB connected computer or the touchscreen in terminal mode will help diagnose what the mainboard things is up. They should report “open” when the switch is not pressed and “triggered” when the switch is pressed.

Which controller is it?