Z probe thickness definition

I have implemented a z probe using the Z1 S- on the rambo card, and it works !.
I use the menu V1 custom > home Z and it does the homing with the probe plate I use.
My question is where can I define in Marlin the thickness of my probe plate which is 1 mm ?

Marlin does not have a probe thickness setting. You have to adjust the height using g-code. Typically, the g-code for a touch plate is:

G28 Z       ;  Home Z
G92 Z1.0    ;  Set current offset to 1.0mm for Z
G0 Z5 F480  ;  Lift Z to allow touch plate to be removed

You can run this code from a file on the SD card, or attach it to a custom button in Repetier-Host. You can also fix the V1 custom menu, but it requires a small edit to marlin with a compile and a reflash of your control board.

In configuration.adv.h, find the following two lines:

  #define MAIN_MENU_ITEM_2_DESC "Home Z Axis" // "Preheat for " PREHEAT_1_LABEL

They can be changed to:

  #define MAIN_MENU_ITEM_2_DESC "Home Z Axis" 
  #define MAIN_MENU_ITEM_2_GCODE "G28 Z\nG92 Z1.0\nG0 Z5 F480"

Removing the text after the β€˜//’ is optional.

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Dear Robert,

Thanks for your reply. I did the mod for MAIN_MENU_ITEM_2_GCODE and reflashed marlin again.

It seems that it is the same cause once I did use the probe plate to set my Z, on the main menu Z is 0 but it should be 1 ? isn’t it ? The goal is to tell the machine that 0 is 1mm below (cause my probe plate is 1mm height)… :face_with_monocle:

After few tries it works. It seems that I had an issue with the flashing process.
So 0 is set correctly and after probing it goes at Z 5mm to allow to remove the plate .

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Also a pause command I found out was helpful.
Robert always has the answers haha