Z axis won go up

My z axis is fine when it moves down but when I go to move it up with the controller it will make a noise like its spinning but won’t spin. Any advise?

Sounds like your z axis isn’t moving well. Try moving it with your fingers with the power off. It should be extremely smooth,and easy to turn, if it isn’t tell us whats wrong.

Could be a bind. If you have the lead screw version, check to see if it is straight. It also needs some sort of grease or oil, without it there would be way more friction then there already is.


When going up it progressively gets easier and going down progressively harder

Sounds like your axis is a little off. Try loosening up your entire center gantry tension bolts including the 5".

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This seems to have made it looser and now I will try it out for a little bit.

And also while I have you. My LCD turns on and I can push on the bottom to go to the menue but I can’t scroll the selector


Another lcd issue lol. What is up with them all of a sudden. You can press the dial but it can’t scroll?

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Did you get it from me? There seems to be a large batch of funky ones from other places right now.

Yes I can press but can’t scroll


i got it off of amazon

Before you return it, try powering down and swapping the ribbon cables. Maybe it has a broken lead in one of them, or it could be the screen.


Sucks but for the last week or so there has been a huge spike in LCD related issues from other places.

The one I got from Amazon had a solder bridge between two of the pins on the front side of the board (At the purple dot on the photo). Not the back side where the usual solder blobs are. I don’t remember if I couldn’t scroll or couldn’t press, but have a look at both sides and see if any of the pins from the knob are bridged. All the solder points on the back should be clean (not bridged) in the orange oval. [attachment file=42651]