Z axis dilemma

What would cause one side of z to not stay up falls on its own

When you remove power from the stepper motors, both sides should fall to the ground from gravity. If only one side is doing so, the other side may be binding slightly. You might also try moving the core to the opposite side and see if that side now falls down.

It is only one side and it’s the first time it’s happened I’ll check for binding on the other side thanks

Was it when you powered off or was the LR3 still powered up?

If powered off was the Core all the way to the side that fell?

Normal, usually means things are well fitted and lubricated. I, however, ended up installing anti backlash nuts on mine so it never drops. Pretty sure I’ve read a handful of people recommend against what I did, but I’ve not had any issues in use.

When powered off mine falls quite rapidly sometimes (enough that I have a foam block to put underneath now to prevent it from crashing on the bit)

However what I didn’t understand was why it was only happening on 1 side but the other side was staying up. It wasn’t until I left the x axis on the middle and cut power that I clued in. The weight wasn’t balanced and basically it was crashing on whatever side had the router. If it was x=0 it would come down on that side. If it was at x=max it would come down on the other side. If it is mostly centered it will come down evenly and at a slower speed.

Edit: If it is while homing on Z and then the Z crashes on whatever side has the router I had to add 2 resistors to the bottom of the motherboard…

This is the origional thread that pointed me to that solution