Z axis connector, newbie

I am not sure what I am missing here. The build I instructions say when to use aluminum coupler vs the pinecones for the z axis. I bought the kit and have no idea if it is all thread or threaded rod? I used the pinecones but how do I know the difference?

If you bought the kit within the last 8 moths or so it comes with the aluminum coupler and a T8 leadscrew. There are pictures of both on the Z axis assembly page so you can see what the difference is. The aluminum coupler is a metal spring looking widget, and the pineapple coupler is plastic and has an odd shape to it. The T8 leadscrew has far fewer threads on it and is polished the 5/16 allthread is standard bolt material from the hardware store.

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I know what the coupler and the coupler was i closed also, it jua wasn’ clear what screw I got. I looked at the picture, just asking a question to make sure. I didn’ think it was clear. I threaded it into the pineapple coupler with minimal effort but I couldn’ figure out why both were included in the kit.