Z and Y Moves 1mm then stops

Hi there, i need some help.

X works, but when i try to move 1mm on z or y it moves 1mm then stops. I try to move another 1mm but nothing happens… its doesnt even try.

I have swapped the cables around and still nothing.
I am using the ramps 1.4 board with dual end stop marlin.

I am completely lost. Any advice would be good.

I think you may have an endstop issue. Send M119 to check the condition of your endstop switches…they all need to be ‘off’ for the carriage to move freely.

endstops are ignored unless you are homing. They don’t stop movement (with the default firmware, at least).

Which firmware is it? Is it from MarlinBuilder releases? v508?

How are you sending the commands? LCD or Repetier?

Can you share a photo of the controller and wiring?

So i was sending commands through the lcd.
I had the preconfigured ramps marlin from github (https://github.com/Allted/Marlin/tree/MPCNC_Ramps_T8_16T_LCD_32step).

I tried grbl thinking it was my marlin build but i send commands through repitier host and it doesnt move at all. I dont think the wiring is the issue - as i wouldnt have all x,y and z wrong. could it be the drivers? or the nema17 motors?

RH doesn’t talk to grbl. You need something like cncjs or universal gcode sender.

The version of Marlin you picked should work fine, but we aren’t using that github repo anymore. We use the MarlinBuilder releases.

thanks, ill try updating but any idea why it would move 1mm then stop?

Also when x moves, it would move but one side more than the other and it would snap back in place.

Which one? Maybe it was in absolute coordinates?

This is very odd behavior. The other motor was probably not working. Check the grub screws and triple check the wiring, post pictures of the board and wiring so we can check it, and I would put some known good software on it. Right now, I am shooting in the dark.