X/Y Gap for CNC Spindle Placement

So this is a little weird, but I’m trying to figure out the gap between the actual edge of the machine and the spindle point. So for example, if I want to CNC a 2’ x 4’ table what size would the pipe/conduit need to be to get a 2’ x 4’ actual ability.

I’m sure this is addressed and maybe the calculator does it- but I’m wondering if there is just a standard measurement of say 200 cm on each side of the x / y to accommodate for the spindle and mounts.

What spindle? They all vary even more so if you account for other mounts. I am sure someone has the combo you want to use and can get a real world zero point measurement for you.

Hey Ryan- I’m going to be using the Dewalt 660 as my spindle.

With my mount?

From the inside edges of the foot, I am getting 32mm from each. As the Zero point (router closest to the near left corner as I build all of mine), the rest you know from your workspace calc.

Excellent. so 32 mm to the bit center. Great. That is really tight! Very nice! Thanks Ryan

This is exactly what the calculator is asking for, what workspace do you want and it spits out the lengths you need to accomplish that. Where the zero is rarely matters.