X-endstop showing as z-probe

Hi guys,
I’ve just completed assembling the LR3. After connecting the endstops, I checked the status of the endstops with M119 and the x-endstop is showing as z probe and doesn’t trigger when held pressed. The rest are fine. Can anyone help why this is happening?
I’m using a RAMPS board

Did you plug it into the correct place?

z_probe should be the zmin plug in ramps and should show triggered when gnd connects to signal.

z_max is xmax port and z2_max is zmax, IIRC.

I believe I did.
I plugged the
X endstop to the xmin
Z2max to xmax
Ymin & max to same pins and
Z1max to zmax
Left zmin alone.
All are plugged in between _ve and signal.