X-Axis glider resistance.

Hey everyone!

I am about 90% done with assembling my lowrider 2 and I had a question regarding the x axis and the rails.

I know the question is a bit subjective but how easy should the x axis glider assembly slide along the rails?


The y-axis rollers glide extremely smoothly so it makes me worried that my x axis isn’t quite as smooth or fluid.


Thanks in advance for any advice!

I found that the 608-RS bearings that I got had a waxy grease, none of them rolled well. After cleaning all 44 of them and lubing them with skate grease everything is very smooth. I did notice that the y axis skate wheels can be over tightened and will not turn well. I backed off the nut just enough to get a decent roll.

I think it was mentioned in another thread somewhere to check all of the base plate ‘rail glides’ if any of them are backwards they will bind up.


Thanks for the tip, Ed!

If in doubt lossen the tension bolts .

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I have all 4 tension bolts loosened all the way. I think it will be fine it’s just hard to put a metric on how much resistance there should be, I suppose. I will have everything hooked up soon so I guess we’ll know for sure before too long!



If it’s anything like my 3d printer if it flies down the rails without any resistance you’ve probably not got it tightened down enough and are causing slop… the nema motors can handle a little resistance.