Word of caution

Received my parts today(thanks for super fast shipping) and went and bought 20 feet of conduit for a 24x24 build and promptly screwed up by cutting 2 14" pieces from one pipe. Which of course means I don’t have enough for 6 35" pieces. Back to the hardware store. What do they always say? Measure twice cut once and of course think it through.

Just make a rectangular one!

I felt kind of silly at the store sorting through the conduit making sure they were straight and no dings. I just kept walking past the conduit until no one was in that isle :slight_smile:

One of the Lowes guys stopped and asked what I was doing when he saw me doing that as well. I pull out my phone and showed him a picture of the machine. He was like “Oh, cool!”

Same for me. I’d put each length in the calipers to rotate it to find the diameter I wanted and set it aside, then all the lengths I picked out I rolled on the floor to find the straightest ones.
It does look a bit odd. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I don’t feel so bad, I’m in there so often I go to different stores so they don’t think I have a conduit fetish. Probably looks really bad when I am “petting” the conduit trying to find the smoothest one!!

Maybe it’s good we’re all in different towns, so they don’t think there is a conduit cult.

In general, you also want to cut the largest pieces first, too.

It’s always good to have some spare conduit though.

Is there that much variance in the conduit? I just grabbed the top three. Maybe I should have been more careful.

Also, good idea on the conduit cult. I’m in.

Over here at least, there can be a massive variance in the diameter of the conduit. I’ve found some pieces down as far as 24.6mm and some up as far as 25.4mm. The conduit here also seems to be slightly oval, thinner at the point where the seam is.