wiring question

I’m at the point in my build where I put the belts on and wire the stepper motors. I see in the directions he refers to a wiring harness. looks like one stepper in plugged into a harness that is split into double the wires. I don’t have anything like that. Is this old directions? do I just wire each stepper to the mini rambo board?

whoops, I just undid my roll off wires. I see how he wired it now. I didn’t see the extra plug before I undid the roll. My bad. Though I’m still confused a little. wiring is not my cup of tea. I bought the extended wiring kit. I have 4 wire bundles that each have two male and one female end. I guess the “Y” axis one motor would plug into the male end then link across to the other “Y” motor and plug into the other male and that leaves the other “female” end to plug into the rambo board. That would be one harness. then the other harness does the “X” axis same way. but then I have two other harnesses that are wired the same as the x and y? What am I missing? Does anyone have a good drawing of how the wire and harness hook up and plug into the mini rambo board?

how do you know which way to plug the wires in?

ok i ordered the longer wire kit but I am confussed. I got 4 harnesses that would connect two motors into one. I can only use two of them the other two you couldnt use for nothing unless im missing the big picture. I also only got 2 harnesses that just have a male and female connector. So i could use that on my Z axis. im thinking ryan sent me to many of the other harnesses and i should have got two more just male female harnesses?? pic below of what I got.

Well that explains it…You got too many and another order was missing a set…I knew I had packed two sets into an order. I guess it was just the wrong one.

To use it, the single male-female is for the Z axis. The three plug ones are for the XY. When I plug them in I match the flat sides and the sides showing the clips, tape them, and plug them into the board. If they move the wrong way, turn the plug on the control board over with the power disconnected, that reverses them.

thanks for clearing that up for me. I was confused. to many wires. LOL would you like me to send the extras back to you?

No…the shipping policy clearly states if you have extra parts you need to immediately start a second build!

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LOL. maybe another 3d printer? :slight_smile: Thanks again. Your a great guy to deal with. And fastest shipping across the country. My mpcnc is getting there now.

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