Wiring my motors to the board

I have a question about connecting my x-y and z motors to my board, and what color cable to use. in what order should I put my cables?
I can’t find it anywhere. I am afraid that I will use the wrong order of the cables and destroy the motors.

below you will find the colors of the cables that I have and my board.


The colours don’t matter and as far as destroying your motors… you won’t. If you wire them wrong they won’t work though until you fix it.

Basically there are two coils and the wires correspond to coil A (A1 & A2) and coil B (B1 & B2). If you short two wires together and the motor becomes stiffer to turn then you’ve found a pair, if not keep trying wires until you do find one. The other two wires are the other pair.

On the controller board there should be markings for A1, A2, B1, B2 so now you can hook them up (don’t worry which wire is A1/B1 and which is A2/B2 as it doesn’t matter). The only other step might be that you need to flip the connector on the board around should be motor not drive in the direction you need (alternatively you can flip them in the firmware).

I colour match the cables to the ones that come with the motor. I also created a small plugboard to allow me to test the connections and make sure they all work the right way before I fit the connectors. My SKR board has JST’s and they are a pain to connect.

I’d also NOT wire up all the motors until the end as each motor will have a very different cable run and need different lengths. I made that mistake (along with many others).

I would wire them up quickly to check it all works though.

I would also not change the direction in firmware as that’s just one extra job to remember to do if you get a firmware upgrade. Thats just my view though…



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thank you very much for the response, now I can move forward a lot and hope he will do it soon, thanks

My stepperonline motors have the following specs as far as wire color.