WIP - Reduced 50% Phidias, LLC - 3D Delta Printer

Work in process since 2014

I started with a group in 2014 that was building the Phidias, LLC Athena Delta printer. It is made of wood and 3D printed parts and is Open Source from Github available sources. The organizer bought the complete kit of parts and we spent a summer assembling it. I was into CNC and wanted to use LinuxCNC (now Machine Kit) and this 3D printed used a Beaglebone Green for system software. I had been learning on a Beaglebone Black and once operating I printed a 3D case for my BBB. The group disbanded and I borrowed the 3D printer from time to time to do simple projects. I then decided to have my own but reduced in size to be more portable. I figured to take the Open SCAD parts and print them at 50% reduction. Later I joined a Maker group and used their laser to cut out the wood parts. I found NEMA 8 motors and modified the library to print the motor mounts.

[attachment file=106544]

Here is the result with no electronics or spindles or belts.
[attachment file=106543]


That is why I am joining this forum to get help locating the 50% size components.