Why do estlcam -> repetier host cuts pause for 2 minutes initially?

I am taking an SVG file and exporting an engraving as gcode from estlcam to cut with repetier host, and what I find is that the machine will move to first position right away and then pause for 2 minutes before starting cut.

Is this due to something in my gcode or maybe some repetier host setting?

If not, what might be causing the pause and how might I get rid of it?

Here is some gcode for reference:


I don’t see anything funky in there, maybe repetier does not like your spindle speed code. You could take that out and see if it still happens. (M3 line)

Check for anything that might be causing the problem in the start script. In Repetier Host, see: Config/Printer Settings/Scripts/Start Code. This is unlikely, but worth a quick check to be sure.

you have a spindle start speed, does your spindle start up? (oops looks like Ryan already caught that)
Other than that, is it possibly a communication speed issue?
Is this a new problem, or did it just start happening?