Which Bundle to Buy

So I’m just getting started. If I was planning to have a CNC and Laser Head which bundle would best provide for that? Do I want the Rambo 5 Dual Firmware Kit or just the Standard? Do I need or want a Dual End Stop?


Beginner at all this so dumb it down some. Thanks

What do you plan on using the laser for?

I have it in the product description but if the price difference doesn’t bother you so much the Rambo series is the way to go…just in case. Dual just adds a layer of accuracy and with it complexity. If you are just etching some names on things the accuracy will never be an issue. Etching acid resist for PCB’s…probably want the dual, make sense?

Well… that’s a very good question. Without knowing anything about lasers that too adds another level of complexity. I want to burn accents on my wood projects as well as my maker brand. I would also like to burn detailed patterns into cribbage boards. But I also like the idea of being able to cut gears for wooden clocks or all the parts for a RC model plan… Not sure you can get both from one laser? And I doubt I can get those answers here but… I believe I want to start with the machine and get a laser that fits it rather than the other way around. If that makes any since.

Advice stands.

With a diode laser you will be able to etch like crazy, and cut only thin/light materials.

Thanks a ton Ryan. Big help. so to be clear if money is not the issue I should go with the 6A Rambo Dual Firmware with Wiring Kit bundle?


Also are there any diode lasers in particular you would recommend?

rambo series bundle, add individual wires to the order.

So I just need the straight rambo series for $320? not the dual firmware one?

The only difference is what firmware and wire set it comes on it, so yes. If you want to change later you will reflash the board and change the wires.

Awesome Ryan thanks… any thoughts on a laser?

I haven’t been keeping up with the current stuff.

Thanks Ryan