Where to get parts?

After reading through several posts it seems that the part files are under constant review.

So, my question is where can the most up-to-date parts be located? Here, thingiverse, or somewhere else?

I’m also getting ready to purchase the Hardware kit and hope to start printing my parts as soon as I get my little printrbot set up!

The best place to get the files is from Thingiverse. Ryan has done a great job of keeping the files up to date. Good luck and keep us posted!

That is the down side to improvements.

I suggest you use what is on thingiverse as well. You just happen to want to start right as I have the first major update in a year planned. I am updating the docs and all the various pages this week. The updated part are the center and z axis. So if you want to start with the corners and rollers the new center parts should be up today or tomorrow.

Everything is done now except the assembly instructions for the middle assembly. I will be working on that today, hopefully done tonight if not tomorrow.

I know it is slightly confusing but better parts are worth it right?