What to do if post is marked as spam?

I just posted something and it got marked as spam by Akismet. I did some searching and saw that things like external links and lots of images can trigger it. But as Ryan has said in other posts, it seems to be a black box.

As a new user, what should I do?
*Wait for it to be reviewed (seems most obvious)
*Repost (seems like it would make it worse)

Anything I should not do?

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I recommend calling Akismet silly names. Establish dominance early…


I cleared you, probably from the external link. Should be okay now.

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Glad to have you :smiley: yea you have to be carefull of the political and por… sites Akismet is sensitive. Once he gets to know you its better

I have the same problem…

I edited someone else’s post once and it got marked as spam.

No good way around it for now. We have to just let Ryan know when it happens and he has to manually fix it. Hopefully it is rare, and the spam is almost completely controlled.

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