What spindle

Hi, I’m planning my MPCNC build and am not sure of the best spindle for my purposes. I’ll probably mostly be cutting, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, acrylic, maybe a little brass if it’s not to challenging. What spindle would you recommend for this type of work? Thanks everyone!

The dewalt 660 is a champ. If you get a router speed control for it, it can slow down to work well enough for all those materials.

I haven’t trying carbon fiber yet but all the other are doable with the 660
With this speed control from amazon

4000W High Power SCR Electronic Volt Regulator Speed Controller Motor AC 220V 110V

Awesome, thanks for the feedback! How does one know what speed the spindle is at with that speed control?

You can get a tachometer and measure it manually. There might be some way to do it internally with software, I have really no clue about that…

They have some good but cheap tachometers on Amazon. It requires you to add reflective tape so it can measure it. You must glue it to your spindle. The tape is not strong enough to hold it.

In practice, you are shooting for “close enough” and you can tell a lot by the sound or the chips.


Speed will also change when cutting.