What is the multipler at the end of a G-code command?

In Repetier, you manually move the spindle head and it issues the command:

G1 X-100 F2100*16

I understand all of that except the totally random last number. Its a different multiplier almost every time I press a manual move button.
What is this final multiplier number?

That is a checksum. I think Marlin just ignores it.

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Thanks Jeff. I couldn’t see that it actually did anything

My wireless controller is coming along well. Only just got back to it after the break.

However… when I send a command to the Rambo, it ignores that command until the next one arrives?

For instance:

“M117 This is my CNC machine” This would print that on the LCD display
But, that doesn’t happen until either I send it a second time, or a different command.

Doesn’t appear to be the checksum (no error generated), so hmm?

How are you sending it? Is it still in the outgoing buffer, or do you need to add a newline, maybe?

Exactly the issue…
I was sending it without a newline command, so it only got actioned when the next line arrived.

The checksum doesn’t ‘check’ unless you supply a line number first… just as a side note

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