Weird outline when cutting wooden tongues

As you can see, the one side of the tongues is completely fine after three passes, whereas the other side is a complete mess with three different paths. Why could that be? Y can’t really be off or skipping steps, then the other side would look as messed up, wouldn’t it? Besides, the crown looked great. I uploaded the dxf and the nc code from Estlcam in a Zip. (18.4 KB)

Fun fact: before this problem my router stopped a few seconds into the programme and I didn’t know why, because it just should not have done that. Turned out when lowering Z one of the screws pushed the power button and turned it off. -_-

Try cutting you speeds to 1000mm a min from 2000 and see what that does

Thanks, good idea. I found the mistake when trying to quickly move Y though. It was the classic, the only thing in the troubleshooting: One side didn’t move, pulley was loose. Other one came loose shortly after. And I did use loctite… I think my stepper shafts are a little too short, even thought so when installing them.

All better now. :yum:


The classic grub screw :smiley::crazy_face: my favorite and I didn’t use it. Nice tongues

UnclePhil designed them, he is a German guy with a Youtube Channel. He’s got great stuff sometimes.

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I have seen his channel but my German is sub high school

Those do look super nice