Weak Motors

Its Z0 that’s acting up. I did swap Z0 and Z1 wires and the problem shifted to other stepper motor so I don’t think its the stepper. That also mostly bypasses the wiring except for the short pigtail from the board to the outside of my case.

I’ve ordered a new driver so we will see if that clears things up at all.

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Did you remove plastic shields from PCB before connecting Steppers? Removing the plastic shields (recommended by V1E wiring docs for SKR) was tough, but definitely helped make for more secure connections.

Just for the record in case someone runs across this thread. The issue was caused by a broken DuPont connector, probably from a bad crimp on my part. The wire had broken at the crimp and was being held together by a single strand of wire fiber. Got rid of all the dupont connectors and replaced with JHT (pigtails) and all seems to be working well again.