We all remember our first!

Tonight was a huge milestone in this mpcnc lowrider realm. I got this machine second hand and way under estimated the details that would be involved with getting this thing programmed and ran.
Luckily there is a lot of helpful people in here and I want to give a huge shout out to @robertbu . I have flooded this fella with several situations and issues. He’s helped me get over the hunch. @Ryan snd @jeffeb3 huge thanks as well! Prolly forgetting a couple others!
Y’all kept me in line when I was overly frustrated and ready to give up! Thank you sincerely
We are able to make some text in fusion and throw it on the lowrider 2!! :metal:#v1engineering

Little clean up and touch up sanding. We have our first home little name sign made in house :metal:. That’s such an awesome feeling


Tabs all removed, gotta fill the holes. Or May just mill a new one now that the cam is proved out!


Now there is a whole new world of possibilities for you! It also gets a lot easier after your first.



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Made a few more programming adjustments, changed some tooling speeds to push the machine a little bit. Making some progress with my #lowrider2