Wanting to build a Lowrider

I think I’ve read the docs like 10 times lol.


You can go ahead and order everything else and get to building your table and machine. Then you’ll be all ready to go when the time comes :wink:

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Naw. There may be some updates to the machine, but it’s pretty solid as-is. There js always “something coming” whether we know it or not. It’s like “I could wait for the 2025 model year car, or I could buy the 2024 model now, and have a new car.” Maybe the next model year will have the features they’ve been promising since 2016, or maybe it will have a stupid square steering wheel that looks like it has a thrombosis vein… (Did I say that out loud?)

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only if you speak while you type… thinking and typing isn’t necessarily the same thing.

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I noticed that there is a couple things out of stock. Is there alternatives available that I can get instead? I think the control board and screen being one of them.

Which board where you wanting? I just looked and the SKR is showing in stock as well as the Jackpot.

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Hmm let me look again

Ryan ships everything from his garage. If he doesn’t have it in his garage, or it isn’t ready to sell, he sets it to out of stock. So stuff is going in and out more often than at most shops.

The email notification actually works. And the shop isn’t as busy as Ticketmaster. You don’t have to time it perfectly. I would give it a little time and sign up for notifications.

It doesn’t hurt to mention here what you are missing.