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Hi All,

My son(11) wants to have “jungle” is his room and he asked for Lion, which makes sounds and light. After some researching, I found some ideas and little but adjusted them and you can see result on attached pictures.

From engraving point of view very simple project, 2 pieces of 6 mm plywood, where I engraved Lion’s picture. Back part of lion is white, front is black. On back is applied flexible led strip.

In box on top is small controller based on Wemos D1 Mini ( 2 MB File system hosts Lions sounds), I2S amplifier, Speaker and PIR for sound activation. Automatic sound can be disabled for night, and Light can be started independently.

Customer was satisfied.



That looks awesome, nice job!

Looks great, and nice find on those curve-able LED strips!

After almost 5 months of work, I can share another project, named Papiliorama.
Story behind, I spent almost 30 years of my weekends with Nature consevation union with many types of outdoor activities, including develoment and maintenance of educational pathways. Year someone decided to make interactive panels including panel with butterfly wings (nice idea), but product was bad, made made from 5mm plywood and simple mounts for rotation.
Finally, it worked for 4 months.
We decided to make little bit better ( and now MPCNC came to game) from 2 parts of glued 3mm alumunium on hinge (pocket inside ) .
At begginng, I bought alluminium ( 1050A ) and during processing, I found that it was bad choose for CNC processing, but after some time I found sufficient setup, which was :

  • 2Flute 3.175 bit ( single flute was more generating more vibrations during plunge in )
  • Trochoidal milling, 5% step, 750mm/min XY, 250 mm/min Z, approx 15000 RPM

    First test of mount
    Then, each part ( from 12) took little bit more about 1hour on machine, hinge was glued in by epoxy, then both parts together, added headless 3mm screws to make it secure. I created also 2mm slots for hinges into panel itself and mounted it on.
    Pictures was printed on sticker foil and applied on final product.
    This friday we installed back to panel outdoor, lets see how long it will last. It’s installed on freqquent place, so stress load is already started.


I appreciate this project a lot. We go on a lot of hikes and these educational signs always have something interesting. The kids love hikes too and they enjoy interactive pieces like this a lot more. I hope it lasts a long time and you can spend your focus on doing more!

I took both my kids out on hikes when they were very young and I thought I would really have to condition them to have a good time (lile an acquired taste). But they enjoyed it from the first minute. That just shows me it is natural to want to be out on the trail.