Using the LR3 in a remodel

Okay so bossman is finally ready to do some remodeling on the office. I’m curious what some of you think I could/should use the LR3 for, if I can convince him enough I might get to build a second one for the office :eyes:

For reference I’ve done a lot of construction (the company is literally in the industry) and I’ll be brainstorming too but I like outside perspectives as well as other opinions


Depending on your table size, you could do: cabinets, signs, furniture, desk organization, sound deadening panels, desk partitions, wall art, client gifts like personalized cutting boards, monitor stands, cut out scale models of projects… there really is an endless list.


What kind of construction? Commercial? Industrial? Residential? New construction? Remodeling/renovation? Is this for a purely back-of-house office, or do you see clients there, too?

If you see clients there, I’d say build as many visually interesting bits and bobs as you can to show what you can provide in-house. Especially if you do any sort of architectural work. Also good would be storage of any and all kinds. Especially built-ins. Again, being able to stress that you can provide that sort of thing in-house can be a big thing (decent mill guys ain’t cheap), and having the coffee area organized is never a bad thing in a construction office…


Coffee doesn’t mean what it used to in construction. Everywhere I went as a kid everything was black coffee. It’s rare I go into a GCs office anymore that doesn’t have one of those all in one espresso machines (digital screen and all)

Little of both. The office was last remodeled in the 80s (wall covering with oak trim everywhere). Most of us don’t meeting physically with people anymore unless it’s a supplier. But he’s thinking of changing that. We are also trying to improve efficiency everywhere as we’ve been long overdue.

Short answer, yes

Long answer, Commercial new/reno; known for Hospitals and School jobs but we tackle everything; 80% of our work that isn’t a hospital/schools is usually stepping in for someone who’s done a subpar job and/or disappeared from the job. As for what we specifically do we are painters/wall coverers/decorators (the term I think needs to change as most think decorators are the same as interior designers and not fancy painters) now, as well as other odds and ends (most everyone in the office has a side hustle/second business)

defiantly something I could stress to him as right now everything is a “just throw it over there” kinda organized.

curious what this would look like. If I do get him to okay a second (at office dedicated) Lowrider I’ll need to keep the noise contained as to not drive everyone else crazy.

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I second everything that @SlowRider and @kvcummins said!!


I was imagining sound deadening panels like this:


Oh man that would be the talk of the town

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Pffft… My dad just had an old Mr. Coffee, and that’s what everyone drank in the office. We had cold-drip in the house, though.

Ooohhh… Oak… :slight_smile: Again, going back to my dad (he was a GC, working out of a finished garage office), he rarely had a client at the office, but had plenty of subs and suppliers. He usually met clients on-site, or for lunch… But he still liked to keep the office well-appointed with architectural knick-knacks because his niche was high-end residential (his best clients were gay couples, and new wives getting rid of the smell of the old wife).

Painting/wall treatments is a tough business. The Mexicans took over a few decades ago. They would show up with a huge crew, and just by sheer brute force, paint an entire house in a day, and keep it spotless with good quality control. Granted, it was one color per room, maybe a separate ceiling color, but for the price/speed, they couldn’t be beat.

Is there anything you have to build, or have to sub out to build, often (or periodically) for your core businesses? Or anything you know has to be built before you come in to paint/treat the walls? Specifically that could be easily/reasonably machined on the LR3? Things like mail cubbies or other repetitive-pattern structures… Heck, even bulletin boards or trophy cases for schools… :wink:

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That look amazing. Even cooler if they moved? :stuck_out_tongue:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: sounds about right

Definitely made it hard. Why we stay out of the residential gang. Fortunately skill in the trade has become more appreciated, unfortunately skill has become harder to find. But we have a good crew and the grunts usually learn with time.

You know as I have been thinking about this more, with out doing some major expansions (and who knows bossman may want too) I think helping our guys get more efficient would help. Maybe some customized jobsite boxes, or some disposable equipment like bucket spouts, stuff like that. Also though about using it for gifts during holidays, etc.

With the specific office remodel definitely storage, signs (desk placards, room nameplates, we’ve talked about engraving the company logo into the conference table), and some wall art that isn’t nature photos (taken by my sister).

Hmm, think I have a listish (maybe a few more things, still have time to think). Now I gotta wait for him to be ready for the remodel to start to bring it up.