Using helical drill and tiles

I’m trying to make a gcode that drills 6mm holes in my spoilboard, 5cm from the centre of the hole to the next in both x and y direction.

I’m using the helical drill and tile function but the holes does are further away from eachother than I expect. What am I missing?

I have never tried it that way. I set it up in CAD, then use estlcam.

How does it look on the preview in EstlCAM? I’ve not tried this before. Are the dimensions of the drawing you open correct as in metric?

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I used the tile command to create my spoilboard holes for tnuts.
Worked great. Created two circles in inkscape, (one for tnut pocket and one for helical drill) imported
to Estlcam, positioned first one then tiled with desired x and y and quanity.