Using Googlefu to find dxf files

I wanted to share a little googlefu! If you want to find a dxf file of something specific you can do it with this syntax into your Google search:
thing type:.dxf

For example. If I wanted to find a dxf file of a football I can search football type:.dxf -site:pinterest.* into google. I added the -site to remove the Pinterest and Etsy from the search results which I highly recommend. Click on the images tab and browse!

I also prefer to search thingiverse this way instead of their own search bar. It’s much faster.


Oh man, pinterest and etsy foul up ALL my searches, and somehow I always forget to exclude them.
First time I saw type: though. I always end up digging through the included filters, which is no fun.
Thanks for sharing!

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There’s chrome extension to make it always exclude them


I made a note of the search term, that will come in handy. On a more important note, I had no idea that there was a chrome extension to do that. This. Changes. Everything. Thank you for mentioning it!

Pinterest is the worst.

Hmmm, can’t find anything like that on the Chrome webstore?

The one I found is called Unpinterested! (with the !)


There definitely used to be one but I cannot seem to find it either. I assume Pinterest got it removed from the store

it is in Firefox extensions

Its there (or at least there is one I found)

I should mention, I have no affiliation with that extension, nor do I know anything about it other than its name and its claim.

@timonjkl I haven’t used Firefox in a long time, so I don’t know.

I switched back to ff. It is working very well, and if you use duckduckgo as a search engine, I think it really drops the amount of data collected.

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I used to be all about Firefox, but then we got smart phones and I needed a good browser on my phone. It was years before Firefox had something that was usable, and by then I had moved on to Chrome, and further into the Google ecosystem. Now, I like the integration and synchronization of all of my web based tools and services, across all of my devices. An integration that Firefox just cannot match.

I switched to chrome for the same reason. But Firefox on mobile has a ublock origin plugin. Which is a heck of a benefit.

(Not arguing, I’m glad you’re happy with chrome).