USB Connected, can't find the Jackpot

Here I sit, attempting to get FluidNC wifi.bat loaded, etc. But every time I select the wifi.bat file (unzipped) it fails to connect to my Jackpot. I’ve attempted to locate directory but I can only see the “CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller” in my device manager window. (Windows 10 - Surface Pro) I’m not sure where I am or what I am missing. Just to ensure i am not missing something, I will attempt to list my steps so far for clarity:

Wired Jackpot and plugged in/powered up
Opened GitHub and downloaded the latest FluidNC zip file: “” into my downloads
Unzipped onto my Desktop to run
Plugged in USB cord between Laptop and Jackpot
Double-clicked the “install.wifi.bat”
Command prompt window came up and told me it could not connect through COM3 or COM4.
“A fatal error occurred: Could not connect to an Espressif device on any of the 2 available
serial ports.
esptool failed”

That’s where I am at. Going to try and connect via SSID - but I need to get savvy with that again, it’s been a while since I’ve attempted that door.

If you’ve got it from ryan fluidnc is already installed.

Yes! Once I got in via SSID connection - voila! it was there. Dummy me, to think @Ryan would leave us wage slave hobbyists out there to figure this stuff out! Not. He’s already got us up and running! Dude, he is superb and so is all those coming along side each of us while we get up and running with new things!