Upgrading from LR2 to LR3 questions

Hi again, need some advice before even starting to print anything, will 25mm conduits work? I understand from the main V1 page that it should.
Can I use PLA and/or ASA for the parts? Will affect in any way?

More questions to come but so far these should do to start printing and cutting parts on LR2 before I reduce it old plastic and bolts and nuts… :smile:



Yes and yes!


Thank you, Sir…then it’s time to start designing a new table, and it’s print and cut time :slight_smile:

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Can I use a large-sized 3D printer on a 0,6mm nozzle and 0,42 layers to print the parts?


You can, but things start to get mighty coarse at that point. We do use some small holes. Maybe try .35mm layers with 120% width infill to gain some speed and keep the integrity.

I use a 0.5mm nozzle, 0.6 is a large jump.

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Ok Ryan, do we give it a try? My printer is a heavily modified Anycubic Chiron on guides and direct extrusion and I’d say it’s quite nicely tuned to print accurate and fast…I don’t mind throwing some PLA into the bin if it doesn’t work :rofl:

Try with the Y drive mounts. That has a bit of everything, including 2.2mm holes horizontally.

I’ll probably do the small parts on the Anycubic Mega-S (0,4mm nozzle and 0,24mm layers) and use the Chiron for larger parts like the LR-Core etc…will report back with the results !!!

Too late now, I think :smile:

How many 608 2RS bearings are really needed ? 14 as per BOM ?

I used .8mm nozzle with .28 height and .9mm width for majority of the parts and that gave good resolution, but kept print time low. i have a Vyper

After a 6-hour print, the Core part is at 74%, I lowered the speed a bit to be more conservative. So far the part looks good, tomorrow if nothing goes wrong through the night I’ll see the results and will try to fit some of the hardware and see if precision is good enough.

I’d love an 0,8mm nozzle but I sometimes print small parts and once tried it and details are ruined, I think 0,6mm is ok for medium-sized parts…probably would like an 0,8mm nozzle on not so accurate projects I do…but too much hassle changing nozzles :rofl:

What power supply will work best 12-24 or 36V and how does it affect other electrical components?


Core part is finished, this eve will check tolerances and see if the 8 hour print on 0,6 nozzle and 0,42 layer was worth it…fingers crossed !!!

Ryan please can you move this thread to LR3 build ? Thanks

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Some more parts printed and although being done on recycled PLA they look quite good…holes seem to work too on 0,6mm nozzle…

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Need some advice on trying to CNC the YZ plates with alum… @vicious1 what bit do you recommend and what feeds, speeds and depth of cut? BTW I’ll be doing it on my LR2.

Thanks and cheers,

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I have a video up on YouTube, go slower than that.

Thanks Ryan.

Filling up the box with printed parts, and as Football Club Barcelona fan I’ll be using some blue and red colours…some gold PLA left will give the glamour touch :rofl: