Upgrading Burly to Primo for laser use. Keep my RAMBO or change to SKR Pro 1.2

Basically as the title says. I have a Burly running on a full sized RAMBO. I’m finally, (after maybe 2 years now of sitting on the parts) going to upgrade to the Primo and most likely use the machine exclusively as a laser cutter/engraver with a 12W Neje. Is there any benefit to changing the board to a SKR Pro 1.2 or should I just stick with what I have?

Stick with the Rambo, If anything there is an advantage in terms of a laser as you can easily drop GRBL on it with no rewiring and get much faster raster speeds. That is available on the SKR but it was bit more complicated and I never actually got it flashed on my SKR.

With them running Marlin the SKR was only a few mm/s faster, which is nothing.

Thank you sir!