unclear stepper behavoir, only controlled by the graphic display?

During the check of the steppers only via the graphical display (steppers on the desk and not in the machine and nothing else connected to the control board) I mentioned the following (with preloaded firmware 1.7): Homing X and Y, the steppers rotated somehow in one direction and than shortly into the other direction, looked good. Homing Z the stepper rotated endless … no sign of stop to see apart reset … Is this intended? (Again the pure ramps, nothing else (endstops etc.) connected)

If you home with no endstops attached, then they should just drive in one direction forever. If you see them ever stop, or switch directions, then it’s probably because there is some electrical noise causing an endstop trigger.

Are you planning on installing endstops? If so, don’t worry until you wire up the endstops. If not, then don’t do the home operation, just use the move menu to test the steppers.