Unable to connect with Repetier or Estlcam

I have bought and assembled the MPCNC with the jackpot controller. I can open FluidNC connect and control / jog the cnc through the web interface. Perhaps I’m missing the basic concepts of how software work flow starts and stops. If I understand correctly I can use Repetier or Estlcam to send Gcode to my machine. However, when I open either software I can’t get the manual controls to work. In both cases the software says I’m connected. USB port shows Silicon Labs CP210x on port 10. I’m sure that I am over looking something simple. I have scoured the forum for instructions or steps to follow but haven’t found any. Any help would be appreciated.

No, ESTLCAM makes the Gcode, you then transfer it to the microSD card to then run it with the web interface.

Good to know. However I still need to communicate with my cnc to set home don’t I? If that is the case than I need to communicate through Estlcam or Repetier. The connection is my issue if I understand this correctly. Cheers.

All of that is done with FluidNC in the Webui. Same place you were jogging from.

Milling basics page has some starting gcode stuff to take a look at for setting home and starting your gcode.

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If that doesn’t help, let me know.

Stay here long enough, you will find many ways of doing things :slight_smile:

We have a great crew here! But that said, Fluidnc does have a command line you can do anything you want to from there.

There are other ways of doing it, but I think you may be new and you would be best to stay to Fluidnc for now. Phone/tablet right at cnc works well.


Estlcam only talks to Estlcam controllers.

Repetier host talks to Marlin controllers (like the skr pro or rambo).

FluidNC uses grbl, so neither will work. The built in interface is complete (you can use it for everything). But if you want to communicate over USB, you need one that is compatible with grbl (like universal gcode sender or MillMage (when that gets released)). Beware to plug in the USB only after you’ve powered the jackpot from 12V.